Why Evie?

Launched in summer 2011/2012, EVIE is an ingenious new inflatable rash shirt which keeps you afloat in the water.
EVIE Inflatable Rashies are already a huge hit in Australia and are now set to make a splash in watersport safety in New Zealand.  They combine the sun protection afforded by a rash shirt with the safety features of a life jacket or life vest. They are ideal for playing in the surf, in swimming pools, out on boats, or anywhere you would normally need a life jacket or life vest - and are a more cost-effective, less bulky option than traditional Personal Floatation Devices (PFD).
EVIE New Zealand distributor Joanne Percy says EVIE is the world’s first sun smart inflatable PFD rash shirt. 
“They fit like a normal rash shirt, but contain a concealed chamber, both front and back which inflates either orally, manually or automatically depending on what style of Rashie is purchased.”
EVIE Inflatable Rashies are available in a variety of colours and come in both long and short sleeves. They’re made from 50+ UV protection material and are suitable for use by adults and children aged 4 and over.
There are three Inflatable Rashie life jacket options:

  1. The Self Inflating PFD is the perfect inflatable rashie for adults and children who want a little more confidence while playing or exercising in the water.  A superb and fully safety-certified life jacket, without the bulk and expense. Simply blow air into the inflator tube found on the top left-hand side of the shirt. This Rashie is also great for people undertaking water therapy or rehabilitation.
  2. The Rip Cord Manual PFD is a rash shirt that is inflated just by pulling on a toggle. Co2 gas fills the chamber hidden inside the rashie.  This life jacket is perfect for boaties and fishermen (particularly for rock fishing) who love being near the water but don’t plan to get in unless it’s an emergency. A self-inflating tube is also attached to the rashie as a secondary option. The Rip Cord Manual PFD is certified to New Zealand/Australian PFD standards.
  3. The Automatic PFD Rashie is a certified life jacket, meeting New Zealand/Australian PFD standards. It will inflate as soon as it’s submerged in water and is available in a child’s size 4-6. The shirt will inflate within one second of being submerged, and has both a manual toggle and self inflator attached for ultimate protection.

“These unique inflatable Rashies are much cheaper than buying a child or adult sized life jacket or life vest. They all meet the New Zealand/Australian PFD (Personal Floatation Device) Standards for use in all water activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, multi-sport, stand up paddling, snorkelling, waka ama, surf life saving and swimming."

“Many children don’t like wearing bulky life jackets, especially when trying to move about on boats. While New Zealanders love water pursuits, our drowning toll is appallingly high and we need to take water safety and the wearing of life jackets very seriously,” says Percy.
For younger swimmers, EVIE’S Inflatable Swim Shirts are a great alternative. Inflatable Swim Shirts are suitable for 4-6 year-olds and combine a sun smart shirt with a self inflation tube. “These swim shirts are great for water confidence when children are first starting out and will provide parents with that extra peace of mind when at the beach or pool this summer,” says Percy.  Please Note: the Inflatable Swim Shirts are not PFD-rated.

The Australian inventor of EVIE Inflatable PFD Rashies has worked closely with the world’s best athletes, safety advisors, manufacturers and therapists to produce affordable, comfortable, safety-rated products. EVIE Inflatable Rashies are endorsed by Olympic and Commonwealth gold medallist swimmer Meagen Nay.

See who loves EVIE

"With three young children the EVIES give us confidence while they are in the water, we blow them up just a bit and they can float and have fun, not only are they safe, they protect from the sun and the kids love wearing them.

As adults we wear them out on the boat as they are PFD rated life jackets, comfy and easier than a bulky life jacket."

Michaela and Matt James

"I am an experienced paddler, involved in surf life saving for the past 45 years, as well as multi-sport (Southern Traverse, Goldrush events) and other water related activities. 

I wear an Evie when participating in multisport, Waka Ama, open ocean events, and surf life saving events.  Whether it be on/in lakes or harbours, down rivers, out in the open ocean waters, (the sea is pretty cold and unforgiving down here in the Otago waters - cold and large surf the norm).

In many water events the wearing of a PFD is compulsory, so the Evie is an essential part of my paddling gear and just as important as the paddle and craft I use.

Evie is ideal as a PFD.  It is comfortable to wear while paddling and can help keep you warm on colder days. An added bonus is that it also offers a form of protection from UV rays sun (UPF 50+).

Best of all my paddling stroke and technique is not restricted in any way by the bulk like that of a foam PDF.
Yet it gives me the confidence that, should I need it, the Evie will perform in the event I come into any difficulties in the water.
You don’t even notice that you are wearing it .... a life jacket.
Ocean racing skis are not the most stable of craft and if wearing a foam PDF and you fall off its almost impossible to get back on your craft. With Evie it is easy."

Graeme Newton


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